The “Be a Replaycer” seminar is open to anyone who wants to understand how our four foundations work and interact.

In simple words the way we Exist, we Feel, we Think and we Move.

On the first level "Replayce Myself" we learn to live positively, understanding that we create our own reality and applying ways that allow many aspects of ourselves to come forward

"When I change then everything around me changes"


On the second level "Replayce - The Method" we understand Τhe Replayce method and its applications. We learn how to inspire others (our partners, our children, a team etc.) and be inspired ourselves.


On the third level, "Replayce My Uniqueness", you resonate in feeling what the best path is for you

Replayce My Uniqueness

Replayce 44 Attributes | Aduts και

Replayce 12 Olympic Sports | Kids 

If you are interested in becoming a member of

The Replayce Method family by working with us as a trainer, start by joining the first level “Replayce Myself Basic”, which takes place in two three-days sessions.


The program takes place:

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