A childs' upbringing starts from conception.  

A program specially designed for pregnant women and the magical creatures they carry inside their bellies, who have chosen them to be their parent.

A Replayce Method Program that will help you connect with your baby on all 4 bases.

Because your child is not just a body growing within you, it’s all you think, you feel and experiencing.

Discovering your own 4 bases and how to positively direct them, you’re resonating the baby's energy, with the love and the blessing of what is happening, instead of  the fears that may naturally exist.


In this program you will learn:


  • To soothe and incourage your baby to feel this deep tranquility and calmness, offered by you as a core.


  • To communicate with your baby through speech, music and techniques like N.I.G. which conserns the unconscious.


  • To share your positive emotions, colors and truth.


  • To follow the best path for both you and your baby, and make the intuitive connection which will create a better balance and tranquility.


A set of soft rhythm exercises, that will help your baby feel comfortable moving inside your belly and have all the flexibility and harmony necessary to be brought into the world

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