Errica Prezerakou was born in Athens. She studies Psychology and Alternative forms of Therapies. In 2000 she started training in Pole vault. In 2003 she achieved the 2nd best performance of all them in Greece winning in Greek and Balkan Championships.

 Her 10 year experience in pole vault and her studies in alternative forms of therapies lead her to start research.

The goal was to prove that when our thoughts have positive direction, our feeling are positive too and receptive and when we trust the fact that we are an entity which creates our own reality (spinal) the cure body works miracles.

 The result of this results showed that an average man who would need 30 days to go through a specific training program in a conventional way. We will need only 17 days thunk to the Replayce Method.

So she created the Replayce Method with is based in the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece and helps children and adults to learn more of who they are and feel through this Method more balanced and free to express more of their truth. In 2010 Replayce Method was nominated for its innovation in Hatzioannou prize.



"Replayce is the release of all past restricting beliefs and their substitution through the job of playing." 

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