The creator of  Replayce Method, 

Errica Prezerakou says:

"In 2004 just before the Olympic Games i was seriously injured. Despite having my leg in plaster I had to continue my training as my athletic career didn't stop there.

My logic said I had to go on I had more competitions awaiting.

My emotion in deep sorrow said: "I don't want any more, I am really sad." Then I noticed that my body didn't follow my logic, but my emotion instead.

My body felt heavy without energy, bored idle. expressing in this way my feelings. My emotional truth. I thought that because of so much griff I will not do pole vault again. So I started listening and taking care of my emotions, to accept and recognise its needs with the intention to feel better.

I started doing positive and full of joy activities training in a parallel way, spirit, mind, emotion, body. Meditation Positive attivanations, joyful and challenging activity where some of the thing my training included.

Step by step everything started chang. I began feeling better, thinking more clearly and physically stronger.

All that until 2007 when I returned to indoor championship winning in the Greek and Balkan Championship. Moment of immense joy, not just for the results in pole vault which has always been a journey to my life and not my mission, but mostly for how much

I had discovered through this. A that time I realised that working positively with my 4 Bases had made me "remember" more of who I really am.



"A Unique Method that trains positively toward a positive direction simultaneously your Bases." 

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