The first round of seminars "Be a Replaycer - Replayce Myself"     lasts 11 months, one Sunday per month. 


Keeping in mind that The Replayce Method is not just an alternative form of exercise but an all-round development of the four bases of human existence (Energy, Mind, Emotion, Body) and a life philosophy, the seminars aim for the individual to get to such a level of self-knowledge, in order to more effectively address the influences from his / her environment and to exercise his / her own unique self-direction. 


Based on the principle that "you cannot inspire those around you,    if you are not a source of inspiration yourself", the seminars aim at an in-depth understanding of ourselves, our emotions, as well as markings from our entourage.


The seminar is addressed to all parents, educators, treatment specialists and to all who believe that "you cannot change things around you unless you change them within you". 


Here in The Replayce Method we believe that nothing happens by chance and that each human being has come into this world to manifest a unique and very important mission

Feel the suitability and we look forward to you joining us :) 

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